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  • DooZy

    Matt Ten Bruin

    Official Off- Tank for Awaken Militia Overwatch Team! | Battle-tag: DooZy#11945 | Semi-pro in MW3 for a Singles Team on GameBattles. (Team Record: 24-2) | Master Rank in League Play for Black Ops 2 for all Seasons and my highest was Rank 6.  ...Read More

  • ReinBork

    Luke Duignan

    I'm Luke "ReinBork" Duignan I've been in the eSports scene since 2005. Since then I've competed in MLG tournaments as a semi-professional in Halo. I've competed in several online Call of Duty and Starcraft tournaments. I finally found my spot as the Main Tank for Awaken Militia and can't wait to show everyone that we're the next big name in Overwatch...Read More

  • Gh0st

    Dominick Sorge

    My name is Dominick "Gh0st" Sorge and I've been playing games at a semi-professional level across multiple platforms since I was a kid during the CoD MW2 days. I've always had a passion for gaming and the escape it provides me. I'm always striving to be at the top. And if you're not with me then you're against me, and you're in my way....Read More

  • Beagle

    Edaniel Childs

    Ayeee, i go by Beagle. Im the Flex DPS, my favorite character is Widowmaker if you couldnt already tell by my picture ;)  Ive been playing competitive games pretty much all my life, i started off in Mortal Kombat 9, then went directly to Counter-Strike. I played it for 3 years then when Overwatch released, i gave up on Counter-Strike and went straight to Overwatch and loved it....Read More