Our Chief Officers make up the Management of Awaken, their job is to work and vote on upper-level decision-making and help on all levels of our operations, on a day to day basis for the brand of Awaken and serves as the main point of contact for our brand for the rest of 2017 and coming into 2018. With the proper titles and responsibilities, along with the restructuring of management, these following individuals constitute the Executive Management board of Awaken.

  • TaZe

    Tristin Chambers

    Starting his career in 2012, Tristin has experience in leading and creating successful brands while maintaining a professional YouTube channel. His specialty is recognizing the top-tier talent and specializes in finding high-potential players and creators and bringing them together to represent the brand in a professional light both in and out of game. As Chief Executive Officer and Founder, he is responsible for the strategic decision-making for the company, securing business deals and sponsorships, as well as managing daily operations....Read More

  • Lyoko

    Tyler Reynolds

    ...Read More

  • prizms

    Carson Johnston

    Starting his gaming career in late 2012 early 2013, Prizms began as a casual player and sniper and eventually ended up become an eSports player for several different teams. After coming in contact with TaZe, Prizms was offered a spot of Cheif Marketing Officer due to an opening. Since joining, Prizms has already created many contacts with affiliates and much more opening Awaken Esports to many new possibilties. We hope to have his as our CMO for a long time, and help advance us in the eSports community....Read More

  • Prophet

    Jason Collins

    Jason “Prophet” Collins, the Chief Brand Officer (CBO) of Awaken, is an accomplished marketing agent within organizations and eSports agencies around the world. With years of experience, his specialty is having a high ability to market within multiple industries with companies and potential investors. As Chief Brand Officer (CBO), he is responsible for ensuring brand identity, assisting with public relations, social media outlets, and being our primary spokesperson. ...Read More

  • Spectre

    Eric Rodriguez

    Eric "Spectre" Rodriguez, the ChiefDevelopment Officer (CDO) of Awaken, is an accomplished manager of eSports organizations and teams. With years of experience, his specialty is in dealing from administrative to global operations. As Chief Development Officer, Eric is specifically tasked with business development and building up partnerships between companies with an interest in eSports. In addition, Eric helps to ensures strong public relations and keeping track of activities, by assisting with social media and website content, working with improving brand strength and growth strategies....Read More

  • Jonah

    Jonah Stull

    Starting back in 2015, I began the pathway of graphic designing within the gaming community. Recently in the past few months I have relocated to the eSports scene. I have expanded myself and challenged myself to other aspects of buisness including marketing, management, design, leadership and entrepreneur. Now I am the General Manager of an eSports organization by the name of AwakenMilitiaGG. I currently am educating myself now in marketing and management working on the key skills/strategies in order to be successful. I also play to forward myself into leadership and entrepreneur in the near future to get that better grasp on most of the eSports aspects. ...Read More


    Oskar Drakenberg

    Oskar has been part of the esport scene for the last 5 years, both within organisation management and as a player. Living in Sweden where esport runs deep in the culture, with major teams, organizations and events Oskar has worked hard to expand the scene. Before joining our awaken family he was a long term part of Reason Gamings marketing team and later was elected as the GM for the oraganisation. At awaken Oskar is our key to the relations with sponsors, investors and continued growth as we push further into the esport scene, leading the business side of the organisation together with the rest of management staff and CEO....Read More

  • Grumpi

    Jack Pritchard

    General Manger of Awaken Militia...Read More

  • johndulik

    John Dulik

    Stream Manager for AwakenMilitia! Happy to be a part of the team. Also a Destiny 2 streamer. Check me out on twitch! More