Awaken Media

Awaken Media

 These are the members which make up the whole media side of Awaken which is made up of an elite list of people all creating and putting their creative minds together to bring you the best content possible.



  • TaZe

    Tristin Chambers

    Starting his career in 2012, Tristin has experience in leading and creating successful brands while maintaining a professional YouTube channel. His specialty is recognizing the top-tier talent and specializes in finding high-potential players and creators and bringing them together to represent the brand in a professional light both in and out of game. As Chief Executive Officer and Founder, he is responsible for the strategic decision-making for the company, securing business deals and sponsorships, as well as managing daily operations....Read More

  • Reptic

    Mack Davies

    Content Creator for Awaken Militia & Graphic Designer...Read More

  • JoeReidOfficial

    Joe Reid

    Having joined Awaken on the 26/05/16, I am the longest standing member, besides the CEO. I am a Content Creator, as well as a Designer and Semi-Professional Darts Player....Read More

  • johndulik

    John Dulik

    Stream Manager for AwakenMilitia! Happy to be a part of the team. Also a Destiny 2 streamer. Check me out on twitch! More

  • Solo Jason

    Solo Jason

    13 Years Old | Youtuber with 570+ Subs! | Making Daily Content That People Love | Content Creator For @AwakenMilitiaGG ...Read More